Get Social. Earn Points. Donate

  • Access search results from 20+ sources with a single click.
  • Get the answers that you need faster, and all in one page.
  • Earn Swiki points for voting on the search results.
  • Rate and garner points that you can redeem and donate real money to your favorite charity!

About Swiki

Boost your web and social search with Swiki! Our plugin lets you perform an Internet search using multiple search engines, deal websites, and social networks all at the same time. No more switching windows or re-typing queries, Swiki gives you the power to do it all with one click.

How it Works

Once you download and install the plugin, you'll find Swiki under the search bar of a search engine and you'll be able to enter your query or keyword to perform an Internet search like you'd normally would. However, aside from getting results from just one search engine, Swiki will provide you with search results from various other sources including Wikipedia, YouTube, YellowBook, Twitter, Amazon, Yahoo Search, BiteHunter, and more. We'll show these results under specific tabs, so you'll be able to browse through them smoothly and without having to open a new window.

It doesn't stop there, though. Aside from providing comprehensive search results from over 20 different sources, Swiki also gives you a chance to earn points that you can redeem to donate for your favorite charity! Every time you rate search results, you'll earn SwikiPoints. Accumulate enough of these points and you'll be able to redeem them for gift cards and other great items.

Stop searching the old fashioned way, and switch to Swiki today!